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Pregnant Symptoms In Weeks

The process of bearing a baby is complex, but incredibly interesting. For nine months a full-fledged little man with his own characteristics and character develops from a small egg. Undoubtedly, this is a rather dangerous period for a woman, but it is in her power to make it so that the likelihood of complications is minimal. For this, first of all, it is necessary to understand how pregnancy proceeds by weeks, what features arise in the state of the mother and what stages of development the future baby is going through.

The secrets of bearing were always interesting not only to future mothers, but also to scientists. The first photos of the egg and the process of fertilization appeared in 1965. Later, scientists were able to take pictures that gradually reflect the penetration of the sperm into the egg wall and the subsequent division.
Of the two hundred sperm cells, only one can penetrate the egg and fertilize it. From this moment, we can assume that the process of development of the future man has begun.

1-2 weeks.

The simplest way to understand how the period goes is to look at the pregnancy for weeks in pictures. So, in 1-2 weeks, the main changes occur in the body of a woman. It creates ideal conditions for conception. During the first week the sperm moves along the fallopian tubes to the egg and fertilizes it. After this, the already fertilized egg moves to the uterus cavity to gain a foothold in its wall. 

The second week begins division, and the process of consolidation occurs only towards the end of this period. Some women note slight bleeding and unpleasant sensations in the lower abdomen. This indicates the introduction of the embryo into the wall of the uterus.

3-5 weeks.

It was at week 3 that I learned that I was pregnant. On the photo of Nika already inside.

Very soon the woman will know that she will become a mother. The future child does not yet have a skeleton, but his heart is already learning to fulfill its awareness. The pulsation of its walls can be heard using a special apparatus on the eighteenth day. 

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If you look at pregnancy for weeks with a photo, then right now the most interesting moment comes. At 6 weeks at the age of 40 days, the placenta begins to form. At first she will replace the baby with the lungs, stomach, kidneys and liver. 

The woman has the first visible changes. As a rule, the breast increases due to changes in the hormonal background. The waist is still unchanged at this stage. The first symptoms of toxicosis may begin to manifest.

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