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1dress.es is femininity, naturalness and freedom

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Vestidos de fiesta
 - This is a bright and enchanting event, causing trembling in all without exception maiden hearts. It is at the ball graduates appear in completely new images - this is "not yesterday's girls" from the school bench, but young girls, ladies, blooming in front of everyone.

Therefore, preparation for the graduation ball begins long before the event itself. Girls think through every detail of their image from the hairstyle to the tip of the shoes. But, of course, the main violin in the image is the graduation dress. And designers annually prepare new collections, setting a fashion for final dresses. If you arrange a small collage of dresses for several years, you can see how changing the fashion trends in this direction.


Short length - for girls who prefer a more modern youth style in everything and always on Vestidos de Graduación. For graduation this should not be a mini dress, but the length will be significantly above average. The decisive factor of choice is the individual characteristics of the figure. Based on its type, it is determined whether this is a shortened A-line dress or an original dress-tutu.


The main trend of 2017 is femininity, naturalness and freedom of self-expression, it is here Vestidos de Noche  that you can find exactly such dresses. On the catwalks there is a variety of models, styles and colors, which, without a doubt, allows you to choose a dress for a person and a figure for any girl. It should be noted that none of the trends of the past years have remained unchanged, because the fashion of 2017 is a harmonious union of the best that gave the fashion world XIX, XX and the first decades of the XXI century.


If you had a choice, which event would you prefer or repeat?

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